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February 2015 Study Underscores Value of bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer IndexSM in Informing Decisions about Long-Term Endocrine Therapy & Assessing Risk of Late Recurrence
January 2015 bioTheranostics Appoints Key Executives to Leadership Team
December 2014 Studies Reinforce Unique Predictive and Prognostic Abilities of bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer Index Molecular Test
November 2014 bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer Index℠ Genomic Test Selected as Finalist in 27th Annual CONNECT Most Innovative New Product Awards
October 2014 bioTheranostics Awarded Medicare Coverage for Breast Cancer IndexSM Molecular Test
October 2014 bioTheranostics Appoints Nicolas Barthelemy as President and CEO
September 2014 Study Shows Use of bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer IndexSM Molecular Test Substantially Lowers Medical Costs for ER+ Breast Cancer Patients Compared with Standard Management
August 2014 bioTheranostics Announces Update to Its bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution
July 2014 bioTheranostics Names Ramesh Hariharan as Vice President of Marketing
July 2014 bioTheranostics Receives Approval to Perform Breast Cancer Index Testing for Patients in State of New York
July 2014 bioTheranostics’ CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Test Is a Cost-Effective Approach to Standardizing Diagnosis & Improving Metastatic Cancer Care, Study Shows
July 2014 bioTheranostics Announces Agreement with National PPO Network FedMed
June 2014 Head-to-Head Evidence Versus Oncotype Dx Further Demonstrates Superior Clinical Accuracy of bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer Index for ER+ Patients
April 2014 bioTheranostics Signs Agreement with National PPO Network Prime Health Services
April 2014 bioTheranostics Announces Contract with Three Rivers Provider Network
March 2014 Tennessee Oncology First in Tennessee to Use Test to Determine Risk of Both Early and Late Breast Cancer Recurrence and Likelihood of Benefit from Extended Endocrine Therapy
February 2014 bioTheranostics’ New bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution Provides Comprehensive
Genomic Testing with Integration of Next Generation Sequencing
October 2013 bioTheranostics Signs Collaboration Agreement with Top U.S. Hospital and Reference Laboratory to Offer CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Test for Metastatic Cancer
September 2013 bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer IndexSM Molecular Test Identifies Risk for Early and Late Breast Cancer Recurrence, Lancet Oncology Study Finds
August 2013 bioTheranostics Appoints Three Key Executives
August 2013 bioTheranostics Receives Positive Coverage Decision and In-Network Provider Status from Tufts Health Plan for Its CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Test for Metastatic Cancer
August 2013 bioTheranostics Is Now an In-Network Provider with Highmark Health Services for Its
CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Test for Metastatic Cancer
July 2013 Studies Show bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer IndexSM Identifies Breast Cancer Patients at Risk for Early and Late Recurrence, and Predicts Benefit from Extended Endocrine Therapy
May 2013 Studies Further Demonstrate Clinical Utility & Cost-Effectiveness of bioTheranostics’
CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Test in Metastatic Cancer
May 2013 bioTheranostics To Present Data on CancerTYPE ID and Breast Cancer Index at 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting
May 2013 bioTheranostics’ Prostate Cancer Index Predicts Risk for Prostate Cancer Recurrence
March 2013 bioTheranostics Adds Chief Medical Officer & Vice President of Medical, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
Dec 2012 bioTheranostics’ Breast Cancer Index (BCI) Molecular Test Predicts Late Distant Recurrence in Estrogen Receptor-Positive, Lymph Node-Negative Breast Cancer
Oct 2012 Prospective Study Shows that Therapy Guided by bioTheranostics’ CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Test Improves Survival in Cancer of Unknown Primary Patients
Jul 2012 bioTheranostics Adds Chief Commercial Officer & VP of Corporate Development
Jun 2012 bioTheranostics Expands Its PRÉCIS® Biomarker Profiles and Strengthens Its Industry-Leading Solution for Metastatic Cancer
Jun 2012 Prospective Study Shows Favorable Overall Survival in CUP Patients with Therapy Directed by bioTheranostics’ CancerTYPE ID®
Jun 2012 bioTheranostics CancerTYPE ID® Shows High Accuracy in a Multi-Site Validation Study and Improved Performance Compared with the Standard of Care in Metastatic Tumor Diagnosis
Mar 2012 New Studies Demonstrate Clinical Utility and Validity of CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Classifier
Jan 2012 bioTheranostics Launches Precision Medicine Biomarkers for Tumor Pathway Interrogation
Dec 2011 bioTheranostics Breast Cancer IndexSM shows clinical utility in late recurrence prognosis and identification of patients eligible for breast conserving surgery
Nov 2011 bioTheranostics CancerTYPE ID® Linked with Improved Clinical Outcome and Longer Survival
July 2011 New Study Reports: CancerTYPE ID® Expands Tumor Type Coverage and Demonstrates Clinical Utility
June 2011 Data from Clinical Studies of bioTheranostics CancerTYPE ID® and Breast Cancer IndexSM Molecular Diagnostic Tests Presented at ASCO 2011 Annual Meeting
Dec 2010 bioTheranostics Breast Cancer IndexSM predicts risk for late recurrence in early stage ER-positive breast cancer patients



bioT3 integrates diagnosis with actionable biomarkers in metastatic cancer The Journal of Targeted Therapies in Cancer, December 2014

Under Richard Ding’s direction, bioTheranostics focuses on biomarkers to aid in cancer treatment Medical Laboratory Observer, April 2013

Gene Profiling–guided Therapy May Improve Survival in Patients with Carcinoma of Unknown Primary ASCO Post, July 2012: Vol. 3, Issue 11

With a Family of Diagnostic Tests Including Its CancerTYPE ID® Molecular Classifier That Can Predict the Tumor Type in Metastatic Cancer Patients, bioTheranostics Is at the Forefront of Diagnostic Innovation in Personalized Medicine CEOCFO Magazine, February 2013

Diagnostic Tools for Testicular Tumors ADVANCE, July 2009: Vol. 18 No. 7

Genetic Tests May Reveal Source of Mystery Tumors New York Times, March 2009

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