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August 12, 2014

bioTheranostics Announces Update to Its bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution

Cost Savings Provided by Optimizing Initial Chemotherapy & Extended Endocrine Therapy After Five Years

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…Aug. 12, 2014…bioTheranostics, Inc., today announced an important update to its bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution, a genomic testing platform that provides personalized diagnostic information and therapeutic guidance for metastatic cancer patients across the continuum of care.

The bioT3 suite of tests is a unique approach to metastatic cancer that combines the most validated gene expression panel to help achieve an accurate diagnosis, with a practice-oriented multiplatform solution that identifies the most relevant tumor-specific biomarkers to help guide treatment decisions. The approach provides information for patients with both clear and unclear diagnosis. The bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution includes:

  • CancerTYPE ID®, a proprietary molecular test that aids in the determination of tumor type and subtype in metastatic cancer patients with unclear diagnosis. The clinical study program has included investigation of over 4,500 patient tumor samples in 12 studies published in peer-reviewed journals. These studies demonstrate its diagnostic accuracy and impact on patient outcomes.
  • CancerTreatment NGS+, a multi-platform approach that combines next-generation sequencing with a concise list of IHC and FISH tests aimed at identifying the most actionable biomarkers linked to targeted treatments.

“The problem of diagnostic ambiguity in metastatic cancers has been highly under-recognized,” said F. Anthony Greco, M.D., Director of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. “An estimated 90,000-130,000 patients each year in the United States may have an unclear clinicopathologic diagnosis. bioTheranostics has uniquely combined a useful gene expression panel to get to an accurate diagnosis, with a practice-oriented multiplatform solution that identifies relevant tumorspecific biomarkers/genetic alterations to help guide possible treatment decisions.”

According to Catherine Schnabel, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Research & Development at bioTheranostics, this update to the bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution reflects the rapid evolution of molecular medicine and the growth in biomarker-driven drugs and clinical trial candidates for patients with metastatic cancer.

“Personalized medicine requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on patient care rather than a single technology to guide the selection of the most effective targeted therapies in order to improve outcomes,” Schnabel said. “Our approach is distinctive in that we inspect multiple levels of molecular information needed to shed light on metastatic cancer—cellular context, DNA mutations, and protein expression—rather than the one or two elements provided by other tests. bioT3 is a comprehensive, practice-friendly, and rational approach that reflects our leadership position in metastatic cancer management.”

The economic analysis was funded by bioTheranostics and completed by Health Advances, a leading healthcare consulting firm. Gary Gustavsen, Vice President for Personalized Medicine at Health Advances and lead author of the study, said, “In today’s cost-constrained environment, this study provides important clarity on the Breast Cancer Index’s economic impact. Given its utility in both newly diagnosed and five-year post-diagnosis patients, the test fills an unmet need in helping physicians determine the long-term management of these patients. Understanding the test’s economic savings will be important as third-party payors seek to establish medical policy surrounding the test.”

About Biotheranostics

bioTheranostics, Inc., is the leading solution provider for metastatic cancer, leveraging its unique expertise in gene expression profiling to develop a growing array of molecular diagnostic tests for cancer patients. The company operates a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited diagnostic laboratory to perform its proprietary tests under the bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution brand, CancerTYPE ID® and CancerTreatment NGS+, and the Breast Cancer IndexSM, which quantifies risk of recurrence of early stage, estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. bioTheranostics, a bioMérieux company, is based in San Diego. Learn more at