Healthcare Professionals

bioTheranostics discovers, develops, and commercializes molecular-based diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive tests that support physicians in the treatment of patients with cancer.

bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution

bioT3 is a suite of genomic-based tests that provide diagnostic and therapeutic information for metastatic cancer patients at any stage across the continuum of care. The bioT3 assays deliver the right information at the right time to help patients receive the right therapy:

  • CancerTYPE ID® – Molecular classification for definitive diagnosis of tumor type and subtype
  • CancerTARGET ID – (Formerly PRÉCIS®) Actionable tumor-specific biomarkers for the selection of on-label targeted therapies
  • CancerTREATMENT ID – Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) + multi-platform biomarkers for comprehensive treatment options

Breast Cancer IndexSM

Molecular insights for breast cancer risk prognosis

Breast Cancer IndexSM (BCI) predicts breast cancer recurrence risk in patients with ER+, LN- breast cancer.4

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