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March 12, 2014

Tennessee Oncology First in Tennessee to Use Test to Determine Risk of Both Early and Late Breast Cancer Recurrence and Likelihood of Benefit from Extended Endocrine Therapy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…MARCH 12, 2014…SAN DIEGO…Tennessee Oncology, one of the largest physician-owned practices in the United States, has announced its adoption of the breakthrough Breast Cancer IndexSM (BCI) molecular test from bioTheranostics, Inc. This new cancer-fighting tool addresses an unmet need no other commercially available test offers.

For patients with ER+, early stage breast cancer, a specific type of cancer, the Breast Cancer Index allows oncologists to help their female patients better understand their risk of recurrence across a full 10-year time frame, and their likelihood of benefit from extended endocrine therapy. This new test allows patients and their oncologists to more effectively manage their individual cancer treatment.

Dr. Denise Yardley of Tennessee Oncology was the first oncologist in Tennessee to use the Breast Cancer Index. Her colleagues at the practice, Dr. Nancy Peacock and Dr. Jeffrey Infante, have also adopted the Breast Cancer Index.

Dr. Yardley explains the importance of this breakthrough test: “ER+ breast cancer is not just a 5 year disease. In fact, more than half of recurrences of ER+ breast cancer occur more than 5 years after primary treatment. Several diagnostic options exist to effectively predict patient risk of early recurrence (i.e., recurrences that may occur in the first 5 years), and the likelihood of response to adjuvant chemotherapy. However, until now, no biomarker (or measurable indicator) has been shown to also reliably predict late recurrence (i.e., recurrences that may occur more than 5 years after diagnosis), or help with the decision of whether to extend endocrine therapy beyond 5 years.

“BCI clinical research data have been published in over 10 peer-reviewed publications, and include over 2,200 patients. In 2013, pivotal studies were published in Lancet Oncology, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, and Clinical Cancer Research. The Breast Cancer Index is a highly valuable predictor that will help many breast cancer patients.”

Breast Cancer Index is a second-generation biomarker that addresses unmet clinical needs by accurately predicting both early (0-5 years) and late (5-10 years) distant recurrence, as well as benefit from extended endocrine therapy. Statistics show that about two-thirds of breast cancer patients are estrogen receptor positive, and the risk of late distant recurrence remains a substantial concern, with about 50 percent of recurrences occurring after five years.

About Tennessee Oncology

Tennessee Oncology, PLLC, is one of the nation’s leading teams of cancer care specialists, nationally recognized for improving patient outcomes through clinical trial research and innovative treatments. Its comprehensive range of cancer care services include specialized oncology nursing care, laboratory services, outpatient chemotherapy, PET/CT services, and patient education and support services. Founded in 1976, Tennessee Oncology is one of the largest physician-owned practices in the country, employing nearly 80 physicians in 30 locations throughout Middle Tennessee, Chattanooga, and Northwest Georgia. Visit for more information.

About Biotheranostics

bioTheranostics, Inc., is the leading solution provider for metastatic cancer management, leveraging its unique expertise in gene expression profiling to develop a growing array of molecular diagnostic tests for cancer patients. The company operates a CLIA-certified, CAPaccredited diagnostic laboratory to perform its proprietary tests under the bioT3 Metastatic Cancer Solution brand: CancerTYPE ID®, CancerTARGET ID, and CancerTREATMENT ID. It also offers the Breast Cancer IndexSM, which quantifies risk of recurrence of estrogen receptorpositive, lymph node-negative breast cancer. bioTheranostics, a bioMérieux company, is based in San Diego. For more information, visit