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July 1, 2019

Biotheranostics appoints F. Anthony Greco, M.D. as Medical Advisor for its CancerTYPE ID® molecular assay


SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 1, 2019 – Biotheranostics, Inc., announces F. Anthony Greco, MD as Medical Advisor for its CancerTYPE ID® test. CancerTYPE ID helps with identification of tumor type and subtype when a diagnosis remains unclear following standard diagnostic evaluation. Specializing in cancers of unknown primary, lung cancers, and germ line cancers, Dr. Greco has over 40 years of experience with these challenging cases, both in research and clinical practice, and his expertise brings significant value to the company and its clients.

Dr. Greco is a Medical Oncologist at Tennessee Oncology, PLLC. Previously, Dr. Greco was the Director of Medical Oncology at the Vanderbilt Cancer Center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center before becoming the Director of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center and Co-Founder and Director of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) in Nashville, TN. As the director of the SCRI, he created and co-directed the first large community-based clinical research program outside of an academic setting. He completed medical school and his residency at West Virginia University and a fellowship in medical oncology at the National Cancer Institute. With a strong passion and emphasis on clinical research, Dr. Greco has authored over 650 publications.

Through his consulting role as Medical Advisor, Dr. Greco will be an important resource to Biotheranostics’ physicians, helping them navigate challenging cases, and deepen their understanding of the CancerTYPE ID results in the context of all available clinical and pathologic information. His participation in key research initiatives and case-based learnings will assist the company to further advance the knowledge and education surrounding cancers of unclear origin.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Greco as a Medical Advisor for our CancerTYPE ID test,” said Don Hardison, President and Chief Executive Officer. “His extensive experience and understanding of both the test and clinically challenging cases make him an incredible resource for our physicians.”

Dr. Greco added, “I have been working with Biotheranostics for nearly a decade and am excited to broaden the scope of my involvement with the company and its physicians. Understanding the primary tumor type is of critical importance and the CancerTYPE ID test is a helpful tool to gain greater confidence and clarity on the site of origin. These metastatic cases are often challenging to diagnose and understanding the CancerTYPE ID prediction in conjunction with other clinical and pathologic information is essential for optimal patient outcomes.”

About CancerTYPE ID®

CancerTYPE ID is the market-leading molecular, gene expression-based test focused on the classification of metastatic cancer and is intended to aid in the diagnosis of the tumor type and subtype of cancers with diagnostic uncertainty, in conjunction with standard clinical and pathological assessment. Commercially launched in 2010, CancerTYPE ID is a standardized, objective molecular test based on the differential expression of 92 genes that classifies tumors by matching the gene expression pattern of a tumor specimen to a database of known tumor types and histological subtypes. CancerTYPE ID is able to classify 50 cancer types and subtypes, representing more than 95 percent of all solid tumors based on incidence. For more information, visit

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