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Histology Associate

Department: Clinical Laboratory

Reporting Structure: Director, Laboratory Operations

Key Requirements and Duties: The Histology Associate is responsible for a variety of duties involving the pre-analytical process. This includes processing of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor samples (microtome sectioning, macrodissectionand laser microdissection, and histological staining) and other lab operational tasks.


  • Sectioning of tissue samples for microscopic examination using a microtome.
  • Re-embedding of tissue blocks as needed.
  • Operation and use of automated slide stainer.
  • Laser Capture Microdissection of tissue onslides,under supervision of a pathologist.
  • Macrodissection (tissue scraping) on slides.
  • Specimen labeling and verification of sample identifiers and information against source documents.
  • Performsdaily inventory or maintenance activities in thehistology department.
  • Troubleshootsgeneral problems including missing or conflictingidentifier.
  • Clerical and administrative functions within the laboratory operation,including documentation tomaintain compliance with state, CLIA, and CAP requirements.
  • Operate the Laboratory Information System software for various lab workflows.
  • Workswell in a cross-functional team environment with meticulous attention to detail, strongdata entry skills, excellent communication skills, and strong organizationalskills.
  • Be a self-starter in resolving discrepancies and proactively improving operationalefficiencies.
  • Focuseson quality of patienttestingand maintaining turn-aroundtimes.
  • Work schedule may be modified to meet operationalrequirements.
  • Performsother duties asassigned.

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Associate degree in a biological science field or equivalent
  • At least 3years of laboratory experience (preferablyindustry)
  • Experience in histological techniques, including tissue processing, embedding, microtome sectioning, histochemical staining; as well as know-how of light microscopy, microscope imaging and quantitative histological techniques
  • Highly organized, ability towork independently, follow standard operating procedures

Required Training/Certification

  • HT or HTL (ASCP) preferred, but not required
  • On the job training including, but not limited to: HIPAA, and safety procedures

If interested, please submit a copy of your CV/Resume to us to apply.