Biotheranostics Announces Inclusion of Breast Cancer Index in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Breast Cancer Guidelines for Prediction of Benefit from Extended Endocrine Therapy


Delivering information for personalized medicine. Because every patient deserves a customized care plan.

Molecular information helps individualize each patient’s treatment.

Recent clinical studies suggest that a small subset of women with estrogen receptor positive, early-stage breast cancer may benefit from extended anti-estrogen treatment (out to 10 years) to prevent recurrence of disease.  Breast Cancer Index can provide you and your doctor with information about your individual likelihood of benefiting from additional anti-estrogen treatment out to ten years.

CancerTYPE ID is available for all patients with advanced or metastatic cancer. It is a combination of tests performed on a single tissue sample that provides your doctor with comprehensive information to help identify the specific type of cancer you have and then evaluate treatment options to develop a plan tailored to you.


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